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PSSSB New Typing Rules & Regulations

All Candidates who apply for Punjab SSSB Recruitment will be selected on the basis of Typing Test with following rules & regulations. All Applying Candidate should have to follow these rules. So read carefully all these given steps.

Rules & Regulation For Punjabi Typing

1. The typing test will be conducted on 22 and 23 october, 2016. The candidates can download their admit cards from the board’s website

2. The Typing test shall consist of two paragraphs one each in language of punjabi and english.

3. Para of English language will consist of 350 words which the candiate will have to type in 10 minutes at the speed of 35 words per minute and para of punjabi language will consist of 300 words which the candiate will have to type in 10 minutes at the speed of 30 words per minute.

4. After the completion of 10 minutes, respective section of the paragraph typed will be auto submitted. The time would be continuously displayed the screen.

5. For punjabi paragraph only 1 font is available for typing i.e. Unicode Raavi Font which a candidate needs to select before starting the typing test.

7. Apart from the above no short keys would be permitted.

8. The candidate shuld type lagan moto and half character at their respective place. If these are not at the proper place the word would be considered as incorrect.
9. A mock test is integrated in the beginning of typing test application for the candidates to get aware of the system before starting the main test.
10. The login detail user name and password will be provided to the candidates before starting the exam to access the typing test application.

11. Candidate is suggested to follow all the instruction carefully appearing on the computer screen at the time of Typing test.

12. Minimum 300 words in Punjabi and 350 words in English paragraph are required to be typed to pass the test.

13. There would be certain keys of the keyboard, which would remain non functional during the typing test.

14. Maximum 8% mistakes would be permissible to pass the test.

15. Full Stop . and Question Mark ? will be considered as a full word in English and Punjabi typing

16. Apart from full stop . and Question Mark ? in Punjabi and English both, all other punctuation symbols wil have no significance if typed or missed by the candidate.

17. Within specified time candidate can edit/ delete his her typed content at any time with the help of backspace key.

18. Candidate if wishes to retype any of the paragraph provided he/she can restart the typing of paragraph from beginning once he/she completes the required words (322 words in English paragraph and 276 in Punajbi paragraph) within specified time. Once the candidate opts for repeat button ( would be displayed on the screen) for retyping the previously typed text would be saved and new blank space would be displayed for retyping. Candidate can view/edit previously typed text by clicking on BACK TO REPEAT TYPING. Result in such case will be calculated on basis of total words typed by the candidate.

19. Missing of any word or typing of any extra word, will be considered as 1 mark mistake.

20. Any type of typing mismatch or character missing in a word will be considered as 1 mark mistake for mismatch word.

21. Extra space will be considered as ½ mark mistake.

22. Missing space between two words will be considered as ½ mark mistake.

23. Missing space before full stop (.) and Question Mark (?) in both language will not be considered as mistake.

24. In case of more than one paragraph in question, candidates needs to type exactly i.e. if candidate misses to create separate paragraph, it will be considered as 1 mark mistake.

25. Time interval of 5 min. Will be provided between both language test.

26. Once the candidate submits after completing his test, the result of the typing test would be displayed immediately on the screen for 30 seconds. Final result will be announced on website per specified date and time.