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PSPCL Clerk Exam Analysis 2018

PSPCL Clerk Exam Analysis 15 Feb 2018. Huge number of candidates has attempted PSPCL LDC exam 2018. PSPCL LDC Exam Questions 2018, The candidates whose PSPCL Clerk Exam is scheduled to be held from 15.02.2018 – 18.02.2018, they have chance to get some useful exam topics & questions by the exam analysis of PSPCL LDC Questions 15 Feb Exam . 

Today’s PSPCL LDC Exam GK Questions – 15 Feb 2018 :

  1. The maximum limit of total number of legislative council of an Indian State?
  2. Which form of performing art is TEEJAN BAI associated with?
  3. Who was the first chief justice of India?
  4. Yuki Bhambri is associated with which game?
  5. Study of fruit and fruit yielding plant is called?
  6. Which city was the temporary capital of Punjab
    after 1947?
  7. Who was the first Muslim Invader of India?
  8. When was first twenty point Economic Program Launched in India?
  9. Which site is discovered by J.P. Joshi?
  10. To which dynasty did Bimbisara belong to?
  11. Which material is used for bullet proof glass?
  12. Where is the headquarter of Universal Postal
    Union located?
  13. What is the area of UT Lakshadweep in km/sq?
  14. Name the method of growing plants without
  15. When was High Yielding Variety Program
    (HYVP) launched in India?
  16. What is the real name of Mohammad bin
  17. When was Supreme Court of India Established?
  18. Which state has highest number of representative in both houses of Parliament?
  19. Chandogya brahmana is related to which Veda?
  20. What is the number of medals India scored at 2014 Asian Games?

PSPCL Clerk 17 Feb Exam GK Question

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