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Nobel Prize Winner List 2016

The Nobel Prize is awarded every year to those Individual Persons or Organizations who make their outstanding performance & contribution in following fields :

  1. Literature
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physiology/Medicine
  5. Economic Science
  6. Peace

The Nobel Prize Money : Gold medal + Diploma + Money approx (More than US 1 million ($) dollar)

History of Nobel Prize : The Nobel Prize is established by inventor Alfred Nobel in 1985. The prize first awarded in 1901 except for Peace that was established by Sweden’s Central Bank in 1968.

No. of Nobel Prizes Awarded (1901 – 2015) :

The Nobel Prizes awarded 573 times to 900 organizations & individuals (Man, woman both)

Awarded To Organizations Man Woman
No. of Prizes

30 Prizes

(to 23 Organizations)

822 48

Nobel Prize Winner List 2016 :

The Nobel Prize in Physics : (given to jointly 3 persons)

  • David J. Thouless
  • F. Duncan M. Haldane
  • J. Michael Kosterlitz

Awarded For : theoretical discoveries of topological Phase transition & Phase of matter.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry : (given to jointly 3 persons)

  • Sir J. Fraser Stoddart
  • Bernard L. Feringa
  • Jean-Pierre Sauvage

Awarded For : synthesis & design of molecular machines.

The Nobel Peace Prize : 

  • Juan Manuel Santos

Awarded For : For his efforts to bring the country’s civil war (50 years long) to end.  

The Nobel Prize for Literature : 

  • Bob Dylan

Awarded For : Create new Poetic Expression within American’s traditional song.

The Nobel Prize for Literature : 

  • Oliver Hart
  • Bengt Holmstrom

Awarded For : For his Contribution to Contract theory

The Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine : 

  • Yoshinori Ohsumi

Awarded For : Discover Mechanism of autophagy.