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Punjabi Grammar Questions

Hello everyone !!! As you all knows, Almost in every Punjab Govt Exams some Punjabi Grammar questions were asked from basics, So We share some previous asked questions of Punjabi grammar. Its time to be prepare for govt exams. we hope you would like this. Share your feedback in comments.

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Previous Asked Punjabi Grammar Questions :

.1) ftP/;D eh j[zdk j?< fJ; dhnK fe;wK d/ BK dZ;’.
T[FZso^ T[j Ppd I’ fe;/ BkT[ iK gVBKt d/ r[D, n”r[D, ftP/Psk iK frDsh^fwDsh dZ;D, T[BQK B{z ftP/;D nkfynk iKdk j?. fit/^ekbk, r’ok, uzrk
2) ftP/;D fezB/ soQK dk j[zdk j?.
T[FZso^ ft;/PD gzi gqeko dk j[zd/ jB. r[Dtkue ftP/PD, ;zfynktkue ft;/PD, gfowkDtkue ftP/;D, fB;u/tkue ftP/PD, gVQBKttkue ftP/;D nkfd.
3) fefonk eh j[zdh j?.
T[FZso^ fijV/ Ppd fe;/ ezw dk j’Dk, eoBk iK ;fjDk nkfd ekb ;kfjs gqrN eoB, T[j fefonk nytkT[Ad/ jB. fit/^ T[j iKdk j?., bVeh y/vdh j?.
4) fefonk fezBh gqeko dh j[zdh j?.
T[FZso^ fefonk d’ gqeko dh j[zdh j? 1H ;eowe fefonk 2H neowe feonk5) fefonk ftP/;D eh j[zdk j?<
T[FZso^ I’ Ppd fefonk dh ftP/;sk dZ;/ noEks fefonk dk Yzr, ;wK iK ;EkB gqrN eo/, T[; B{z fefonk ftP/PD fejk iKdk j?. fit/^ s/I, ;t/o/^;t/o/6) fefonk ftP/PD dhnK fe;wK dZ;’.
T[FZso^ fJ; dhnK nZm fe;wK jB I’ fe fJ; gqeko jB^ ekbtkue, ;EkBtkue, gfowkDtkue, gqekotkue, ;zfynktkue, skehdtkue, fBoDktkue.

7) ;zpzXe eh j[zdk j?<
T[FZso^ T[j Ppd, I’ tke d/ BKtK, gVBKtk dk fJe d{i/ Bkb s/ j’oBK ;pdK Bkb ;zpzX I’VB, T[j ;zpzXe nytkT[d/ jB.

8) ;zpzXe dhnK fe;wK dZ;’.
T[FZso^ ;zpzXe fszB gqeko d/ j[zd/ jB. g{oB ;zpzXe, ng{oB ;zpzXe, d[pkiok ;zpzXe.

9) :’ie fe; B{z nkyd/ jB.
T[FZso^ fijV/ Ppd d’ tkeK d/ tkezPk iK d’ PpdK B{z nkg; ftu I’VB, T[BQK B{z :’ie nkfynk ikdk j?.

10) ft;fwe eh j[zdk j?
T[FZso^ T[j Ppd I’ wB dh y[Ph, rwh, j?okBh nkfd GKtK B[z grN eoB, ft;few nytkT[d/ jB fit/^ j?, tkj^tkj, pZb/^pZb/, T[c

11) ft;fwe dhnK fe;wK dZ;’.
T[FZso^ ft;fwe d; gqeko d/ j[zd/ jB. ;zp’XBh, ;{uBktkue, gq;z;ktkue, P’etkue, ;fsekotkue, fcNekotkue, n;h;tkue, fJZfSnktkue, j?okBhtkue, ;bkj[sktkue.

12) brK^wksoK eh j[zdhnK jB.
T[FZso^ brK^wksoK ;{oK d/ fuzBQ j[zd/ jB.

13) brK wksoK fezB/ soQK dhnK j[zdhnK jB.
T[FZso^ brK wksoK dZ; soQK dhnK j[zdhnK jB.

14) fbZgh eh j[zdh <
T[FZso^ GkPK dhnK X[BhnK B{z fbysh o{g ftu nzfes eoB bJh e[ZM fuzBQ tos/ iKd/ jB. fJBQK fuzBQK d/ ;w{j B{z fbgh fejk iKdk j?.

15) gzikph p’bh B[z fbyD bJh fejVh fbgh Y[Zeth j?<
T[FZso^ gzikph p’bh B{z fbyD bJh r[ow[yh fbgh dh tos’A ehsh iKdh j?. fJj gzikph GkPK Bz{ fbyD bJh g{oh soQK Y[Zeth fbgh j?.

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