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Important Indian National Movements (Asked in Govt Exams)

List of Important National Movements

Hello everyone !!! As you all knows, Almost in every Punjab Govt Exams some of the questions were asked from History regarding dates of India’s most important national movements in History. So We share some previous asked important questions. Its time to be prepare for govt exams. we hope you would like this. Share your feedback in comments.

Important Indian National Movement :

Government of India Act – 1858

Indian National Congress – 1885

Partition of Bengal – 1905

Muslim League —  1906

Swadeshi Movement – 1905

Morley Minto Reforms – 1909

Lucknow Pact – 1916

Home Rule Movement – 1916-1920

The Gandhian Era – 1917-1947

Khilafat Movement – 1920

The Rowlatt Act – 1919

Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre – 1919

Non-Cooperation Movement – 1920

Chauri Chaura Incident – 1922

Swaraj Party – 1923

Simon Commission – 1927

Dandi March – 1930


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