Q.1)-Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named
  • Fermi
  • angstrom
  • newton
  • tesla
Q.2)-Light year is a unit of
  • time
  • distance
  • light
  • intensity of light
Q.3)-Light from the Sun reaches us in nearly
  • 2 minutes
  • 4 minutes
  • 8 minutes
  • 16 minutes
Q.4)-Pa(Pascal) is the unit for
  • thrust
  • pressure
  • frequency
  • conductivity
Q.5)-Metals are good conductors of electricity because
  • they contain free electrons
  • the atoms are lightly packed
  • they have high melting point
  • All of the above
Q.6)-Stars twinkle because
  • the intensity of light emitted by them changes with time
  • the distance of the stars from the earth changes with time
  • the refractive index of the different layers of the earth's atmosphere changes continuously, consequ
  • the light from the star is scattered by the dust particles and air molecules in the earth's atmosphe
Q.7)-Pick out the scalar quantity
  • force
  • pressure
  • velocity
  • acceleration
Q.8)-Rectifiers are used to convert
  • Direct current to Alternating current
  • Alternating current to Direct current
  • high voltage to low voltage
  • low voltage to high voltage
Q.9)-which is not emitted by radioactive substance?
  • Electrons
  • Electromagnetic radiations
  • Alpha particles
  • Neutrons
Q.10)-Sound waves in air are
  • transverse
  • longitudinal
  • electromagnetic
  • polarised