Q.1)-Plants receive their nutrients mainly from
  • chlorophyll
  • atmosphere
  • light
  • soil
Q.2)-Oxygen in our blood is transported by a protein named
  • haemoglobin
  • keratin
  • collagen
  • myoglobin
Q.3)-Ozone hole refers to
  • hole in ozone layer
  • decrease in the ozone layer in troposphere
  • decrease in thickness of ozone layer in stratosphere
  • increase in the thickness of ozone layer in troposphere
Q.4)-Photosynthesis generally takes place in which parts of the plant?
  • Leaf and other chloroplast bearing parts
  • stem and leaf
  • Roots and chloroplast bearing parts
  • Bark and leaf
Q.5)-Plants synthesis protein from
  • starch
  • sugar
  • amino acids
  • fatty acids
Q.6)-Plants absorb dissolved nitrates from soil and convert them into
  • free nitrogen
  • urea
  • ammonia
  • proteins
Q.7)-Plants absorb most part of water needed by them through their
  • embryonic zone
  • growing point
  • root hairs
  • zone of elongation
Q.8)-Photo-oxidation is
  • photorespiration
  • photolysis
  • light and oxygen induced breakdown
  • All of the above
Q.9)-Process of cell division can take place by
  • heterosis
  • fusion
  • mitosis
  • None of these
Q.10)-Most highly intelligent mammals are
  • whales
  • dolphins
  • elephants
  • kangaroos