Q.1)-It run on computer hardware and serve as platform for the others software to run on
  • Operating system
  • Application software
  • System software
  • All of these
Q.2)-The primary purpose of the operating system is
  • to make the most efficient use of computer hardware
  • to alolow people to use the computer
  • to keep system programmers employed
  • to make computers easier to use
Q.3)-It transforms one interface into other interface
  • Program
  • Software
  • data
  • None of these
Q.4)-It is the first program run on a computer, when the computer boosts up
  • System software
  • operating system
  • System operations
  • None of these
Q.5)-Which was the last version of MS-Dos that was released separately
  • 5
  • 6
  • 6.11
  • 6.22
Q.6)-The time command is used to display
  • American (US) time
  • Greenwich mean time
  • Julian time
  • System time
Q.7)-Which command can be used to create the disk track and sectors
Q.8)-FAT stands for
  • File accommodation table
  • File access table
  • File allocation table
  • File activity table
Q.9)-If you do not know the current time, which command do you use to display
  • Copy
  • Very
  • Time
  • Format
Q.10)-If you need to duplicate the entire disk , which command will you use
  • Copy
  • Diskcopy
  • Chkdsk
  • Format