Q.1)-Modules are
  • A selection of commands used to automate repetitive tasks
  • Programs written in visual basic
  • Object tabs
  • A group of record
Q.2)-New record is added using
  • Append record from browse menu
  • Append record into from browse menu
  • Add record from edit menu
  • All of these
Q.3)-When a customer makes an online hotel booking, the data base is update in
  • Batch mode
  • Pseudo real- time
  • 2 Days
  • All of these
Q.4)-DBMS is
  • Collection of data
  • Set of programs to acces those data
  • Set of programe to update those data
  • All of these
Q.5)-COUNT command is used to
  • Count the number of data fields in an active database file
  • Count the number of data files which are active
  • Count the records which are update
  • Count the number of records in an active data base files
Q.6)-A Form that is used to collect data in a structured manner for entry to a database is called
  • Database design form
  • Systmes flowchat
  • Data capture form
  • None of these
Q.7)-Which is the shory key to invoke the spell checker in MS Access?
  • F2
  • F7
  • Alt+F7
  • F3
Q.8)-It presents data in a way similar to an excel spreadsheet
  • Data sheet view
  • Design view
  • Print view
  • Layout preview
Q.9)-It is used to build and modifie database objects and also to create new queries
  • Data sheet view
  • Design view
  • Print view
  • Layout preview
Q.10)-Records are Deleted using
  • DELETE command follow by pack
  • DELETE command without pack
  • DELETE command follow by zap
  • DELETE command without zap