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Proposed List of Services of Suvidha Kendra

Proposed Services of Suvidha Kendra

Suvidha Kendra will provide various large no. of facilities to citizens by capturing all things regarding services at one place (i.e proposed date of service delivery, cash collection, apply for services etc.). Here is the list of all proposed service that given to citizens by Suvidha Kendra.

List of Suvidha Kendra Services :

1) Certified Copies of all documents at Fard Center level i.e., Record of Rights, Mutation etc.
2) Demarcation of Land
3) Registration of all kinds of documents i.e., sale deed, lease deed, GPA, partnership deed etc.
4) Certified copies of all kinds of previously registered documents
5) Attestation of uncontested mutations
6) Private partition of land (Mutual consent of landowners
7) Issue of Income Certificate
8) Area/Succession/Dependent Certificates/Counter Signatures etc.
9) Issue Of Non Encumbrance Certificate
10) Countersigning of Documents
11) Attestation of Documents
12) Certified Copies of Birth/Death Certificates – Corporation Cities
13) Certified Copies of Birth/Death Certificates – MC Towns
14) Certified Copies of Birth/Death Certificates – Rural Areas
15) Copies of the Post Mortem report
16) Copy of Interim Medico Legal Report
17) Copy of Complete Medico Legal Report
18) Issuance of Disability Certificate Obvious Disability
19) Issuance of Single Disability Certificate
20) Issuance of Multiple Disability Certificate
21) Registration of Death and Birth Certificate
22) Birth and Death Certificate
23) Correction of entry in Birth and Death Certificate
24) Emergency Medical Response
25) Janaani Surksha Yojna Assistance
26) Maata Kaushlya Yojna Assistance
27) Supply of essential medicine
28) Facility for X-ray/Pathological Test/Vaccination – DT/Polio Anti Rabies, Anti Venom
29) Renewal of Driving License
30) Registration Certificate of vehicles
31) Fitness Certificate for commercial vehicle
32) Issue of Driving License – Motor Car/Motor Cycle
33) Issue of Tax Clearance Certificate
34) Issue of Tax Clearance Certificate
35) Issue of Route Permit or National Permit
36) Addition/deletion of Hire Purchase entry
37) Transfer of Vehicle
38) Registration of Marriage under Hindu Marriage Act
39) Renewal of Arms License
40) Addition/Deletion of weapon
41) Extension of purchase period of weapon
42) Issuance of Marriageability Certificate
43) Registration of Marriage Under Special Act
44) Solemnization of Marriage
45) New Arms License
46) Duplicate Arms License
47) Entry of Weapon
48) NOC for Sale of Weapon
49) Permission to Carry the Weapon
50) Extension of Jurisdiction
51) Cancellation of License
52) Change of Address
53) Addition/Deletion of Retainer
54) Change of Bore
55) Permission for Deposit of Weapon in Death Case
56) Permission for Sale/Transfer of Weapon in Death Case
57) Extension of Cartridges
58) Registration of Foreigners (Arrival and Departure
59) Extension of Residential Permit of Foreigners
60) Copy of FIR or DDR
61) NOC for use of loud speakers
62) NOC for Fairs/Melas/Exhibition/Sports Events etc
63) Stranger Verification
64) Tenant/Servant Verification
65) Tenant/Servant Verification (if resident of local area
66) Other Verification related services
67) Copy of untraced report in road accident cases
68) Copy of untraced report in cases pertaining to stolen vehicles
69) Copy of untraced report in theft cases
70) NOC for pre-owned vehicles
71) Service Verification (in case of resident of Punjab)
72) Character Verification
73) Verification for renewal of Arms License
74) NOC for issuance/renewal of License of Arms Dealers
75) Issuance of NOC for setting up of Petrol Pump, Cinema Hall etc
76) Passport Verification
77) Verification for fresh Arms License
78) Acknowledgement of Complaint
79) Information of action taken of complaints
80) Sanction of Building Plans
81) Sanction of Building Plans/Revised Building Plans
82) Issue of Completion/Occupation Certificate for Buildings
83) Issue of No Objection Certificate/Duplicate Allotment
84) Issue of Conveyance Deed
85) Issue of No Due Certificate
86) Transfer of property in case of sale
87) Transfer of property in case of death
88) Issue of permission for mortgage
89) Sanction of building Plans/Revised Building
90) Issue of Completion/Occupation Certificate for Buildings
91) Sanction of Water Supply/Sewerage Connection in Corporation
92) Sanction of Water Supply/Sewerage Connection
93) Sanction of Water Supply/Sewerage Connection
94) Issue of New Trade License by Municipal Committees
95) Renewal of Trade License by Municipal Committees
96) Removal of Solid Waste from Streets/Roads
97) Replacement of Street lights
98) Water pipes Leakages/Sewerage/Blocked/Overflow
99) Payment of Water Bill
100) Change of Title in Water Bill

101) Approval of Water Disconnection
102) Water Reconnection
103) Payment of Sewerage Bill
104) Change of Title in Sewerage Bill
105) Approval of Sewerage Disconnection
106) Sewerage Reconnection.
107) Assessment of Disposal Charges
108) Water & Sewerage Bill Amendment
109) License for Slaughterhouse
110) License for a Rickshaw
111) License for setting up Communication Tower on Private Property
112) License for setting up Communication Tower on ULB Property
113) Renting/Leasing of ULB properties
114) Collection of Rent/Lease
115) Collection of Tahebazari Fees
116) Annual Fee for Communication Towers on ULB Property
117) Approval of Additional Construction
118) Sanction of Change of Land Use
119) Approval of Town Planning Scheme
120) Issue of NOC for Fire Safety
121) Issue of Fire Call Report
122) Approval for Hoardings/Advt. Boards on Private Properties
123) Contracting of Advertisement Sites with Relevant Media
124) Assessment and Collection of Property Tax
125) Issuance of TS -1 Certificate
126) Issue of Bus Pass
127) Verification of Widows, Elderly, Handicapped etc
128) Payment of Regular Installment
129) Payment from Defaulters
130) Issuance of Possession Letters
131) Issuance of Allotment Letters
132) Sanction of Change of Land Use
133) Approval for Time Extension
134) Penalty for violation of approved Plan or Construction
135) Number of Applications received for Right to Information Act
136) Spray/Fogging for Prevention of Air borne Diseases
137) Conducting Fire Rescue Operation
138) Sterilization of Stray Dogs
139) Challan for Dumping Dirt and Garbage
140) Penalty for Stray Cattle
141) Normal fuse off Call/Complaint
142) Overhead Line Breakdowns
143) Breakdowns due to Breakage of Poles
144) Underground Cable Breakdowns
145) Distribution Transformer Failure
146) Power Transformer Failure
147) Street Light Faults
148) Period of Scheduled Outage
149) Maximum duration in a single stretch
150) Voltage fluctuations No Expansion/Enhancement
151) Replacement of Burnt Meters
152) Release of Supply
153) Conversion from LT to HT or vice versa nd other all problems
154) Shifting of Meter/Service Connection
155) Resolution of complaints on disputed Electricity Bill
156) Sanction of all social security benefits to Old Age
157) Issue of Identity Cards to all Categories of Handicapped Persons
158) Disbursement of Old Age/Widow/Other Pension benefits
159) Senior Citizen ID Cards
160) Sanction of Scholarship to Physically Challenged
161) Disbursement of Scholarship to Physically Challenged
162) Financial Assistance to Dependent Children (Urban
163) Financial Assistance to Dependent Children (Rural
164) Supply of Soil Sample Results
165) Issue of NOC/Duplicate Allotment/Re-Allotment
166) Issue of Conveyance Deed
167) Issue of No Due Certificate
168) Re-transfer of Property in Case of Sale
169) Re-transfer of Property in Case of Death
170) Issue of NOC for Mortgage
171) Providing Financial Aid (Ex gratia) to Cultivators
172) Issue of ID Card to farmers for Participation of Apni Mandi
173) Issuance and Renewal of License for Sale of
174) Addition of Go down in Seeds/Fertilizers Licenses
175) Issuance of Duplicate Agricultural License
176) Addition/Deletion of item in License for
177) Issue of Ration Card
178) Change of Name in Ration Card and edit ration card
179) Issuance of Surrender Certificate
180) Issuance of Job Card under NREGA
181) Rural Area Certificate
182) Term Loan to SC
183) Term Loan to BC
184) Shagun Scheme
185) Sanction of Stipends/Scholarships
186) Disbursement of Stipends etc. – New Cases
187) Issue of Various Certificates like Caste, OBC etc.
188) Sanction of Building Plans/Revised Building Plan
189) Issue of Completion/Occupation Certificate for Buildings
190) Issue of No Objection Certificate/Duplicate Allotment
191) Issue of Conveyance Deed
192) Issue of No Due Certificate
193) Transfer of Property in case of Sale
194) Transfer of Property in case of Death (Uncontested)
195) Issue of Permission for Mortgage
196) Attested copy of any Document
197) Change of Ownership (Other than Death Cases
198) Demarcation of Plot
199) Issue of Plinth/Roof Level Certificate
200) Water Supply and Sewerage Connection
201) Issuance of Duplicate Certificate
202) Issuance of Original Migration Certificate/Detailed Marks
203) Degrees of Successful Candidates
204) School Leaving Certificate
205) Issuance of Duplicate Certificate
206) Issue of Residence Certificate etc.
207) Sanction of Water Supply Connection
208) Sanction of Water Supply and Sewerage Connection
209) Mortgage 1st Charge
210) Registration of Lease/Conveyance Deed
211) Conversion from lease to Free hold
212) Issue of Conveyance Deed in Municipal Corporations
213) Acknowledgement of all Complaints
214) Issuance of Duplicate Certificates
215) Issuance of Migration Certificates/Detailed Marks
216) Degrees of Successful Candidates
217) Supply of Medicine/Vaccines at designated Hospital as decided by Govt.
218) Change of Land Use/NOC in case of Petrol Pump
219) Change of Land use where the Master Plans are notified and
there Local Planning Areas are not notified
220) Sanction of Building Plans above 500 square meters to 5000
221) Issue of Completion/Partial Completion Certificate
222) Land use Classification Certificate
223) General Service

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