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Q.11) Which command lists the contents of current directory of a disk

(A) Copy

(B) Tree

(C) CD

(D) Dir

Q.12) An entire path name , consisting of several sub-directory names can contain upto

(A) 13 Characters

(B) 36 Characters

(C) 63 Characters

(D) 53 Characters

Q.13) Which one of these is an operating system

(A) MS- office


(C) MS- Word

(D) MS- Access

Q.14) It allows only one user to work on CPU at one time

(A) Single user Operating System

(B) Multi user Operating System

(C) Multi Level Operating System

(D) Two Level Operating System

Q.15) It is a collection of logically related information

(A) Folder

(B) Information

(C) Processing

(D) File

Q.16) It is used when more than one file is used from one directory

(A) Will cards

(B) Wild cards

(C) Wind cards

(D) Wilt cards

Q.17) Function of running and loading programs by use of peripherals is function of

(A) operating system

(B) inquiry system

(C) dump programs

(D) function system

Q.18) Several programs run at same time and storage is shared especially in

(A) microcomputers

(B) mainframe computers

(C) inquiry computers

(D) dump computers

Q.19) Record of running programs is classified as

(A) producing a log

(B) producing inquiry

(C) producing dump programs

(D) producing system functions

Q.20) Special set of characters that computer associates with specific user identification is classified as

(A) password

(B) identity code

(C) inquiry code

(D) dump code

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