Q.1)-Who appoints the judge of the Supreme Court of India?
  • President
  • Chief Justice
  • Prime Minister
  • Council of Ministers
Q.2)-What is the retirement age of the judge of Supreme Court?
  • 60 years
  • 62 years
  • 64 years
  • 65 years
Q.3)-Who was the first Woman judge of the Supreme court?
  • Sujata Manohar
  • Ruma Pal
  • M.S. Fathima Beevi
  • None of these
Q.4)-The Salary and allowances of judges of Supreme Court are charged on-
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Contingency Fund of India
  • Consolidated Fund of India
  • Finance Commission
Q.5)-Which of the following is not an eligibility of the judge of Supreme court in India?
  • Citizen of India
  • Age should be 35 years
  • Should have practiced at least 10 years in any High court
  • Should be a jurist
Q.6)-What should be the experience of advocacy in any High Court for being a judge of a Supreme court?
  • 10 years
  • 5 years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years
Q.7)-The retired judges of Supreme court are restricted to practice advocacy in-
  • Any court except Supreme Court
  • Any court of India
  • Any court below High Court
  • Any civil court
Q.8)-How many judges are in Supreme Court?
  • 25
  • 26
  • 30
  • 31
Q.9)-Judge of the Supreme Court and High Court can be removed by-
  • The President
  • Parliament
  • Union Council of Minister
  • Chief Justice of the Supreme court
Q.10)-Of the following who held the offices of Judge of the Supreme Court and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha?
  • M. Hidayatullah
  • K.S. Hegde
  • Subba Rao
  • P.N. Bhagwati