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List of Important Dams & Rivers in India (PDF Download)

As All we knows that No. of questions asked in Govt Exams related to Dams, Rivers. i.e Which Dam is situated on which River & in which State. So today we publish the list of some Important Dams & their corresponding river. Here we list out some of most important Dams.

List of Important Dams & Rivers :

S.No. DAMS River State
1 Bhakra Nangal Dam Satluj (Sutlej) Himachal
2 Pong Dam (Beas Dam) Beas Talwara, Himachal
3 Chemera Dam Ravi Chamba, Himachal
4 Ranjit Sagar Dam (Thein Dam) Ravi Pathankot, Punjab
5 Tehri Dam Bhagirathi Uttarakhand
6 Hirakud Dam Mahanadi Odisha
7 Indravati Dam Indravati Odisha
8 Gandhi Sagar Dam Chambal Madhya Pradesh
9 Indira Sagar Dam Narmada Madhya Pradesh
10 Sardar Srovar (Narmada) Dam Narmada Gujrat
11 Ukai Dam Tapti Gujrat
12 Rana Pratap Sagar Dam Chambal Rajasthan
13 Bisalpur Dam Banas Rajasthan
14 Rajghat Dam Betwa Uttar Pradesh
15 Ramganga Dam Ramganga Uttarakhand
16 Mettur Dam Kaveri Tamil Nadu
17 Bhavani Sagar Dam Bhavani Tamil Nadu
18 Salal Chenab Jammu
19 Baglihar Dam Chenab Jammu & Kashmir


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