Q.41)-Contries that depend mainly on the export of primary products for their income,are prone to-
  • Inflation
  • Economic instability
  • Increasing unemployment
  • Stable economic growth
Q.42)-The balance of payments of a country is in equalibrium when the-
  • Demand as well as supply of the domestic currency are the highest
  • Demand for the domestic currency is equal to its supply
  • Demand for the domestic currency is the highest
  • Demand for the domestic currency is the lowest
Q.43)-In the balance of payments account, unrequited receipts and payments are also regarded as-
  • Bilateral transfers
  • Unilateral transfers
  • Capital accounts transfers
  • Invisible transfers
Q.44)-As a result of higher rate of inflation in India, the U.S. doller will-
  • Depreciate
  • Constant
  • Negligible
  • Appreciate
Q.45)-Which type of foreign investment is considered as unsafe?
  • Forign Direct Investment
  • Portfolio Investment
  • NRI deposits
  • External commercial borrowing
Q.46)-At present, India is following-
  • Fixed exchange Rate
  • Floating exchange Rate
  • Pegged up exchange Rate
  • Pegged down exchange Rate
Q.47)-Excise duty is levied on-
  • Sale of goods
  • Production of goods
  • Import of goods
  • Exports of goods
Q.48)-Lowering of value of currency relative to a foreign reference currency is called ____________.
  • Devaluation
  • Revaluation
  • Down valuation
  • Negative valuation
Q.49)-Balance of Trade is the difference between-
  • Country's Income and Exemse
  • Country's Exports and Imports
  • Country's tax Revenue and Expense
  • Country's capital inflow and outflow
Q.50)-Which among the following is not an account under Balance of Payment?
  • Current Account
  • Capital Account
  • Offical Reserves Account
  • Unilateral Payments Account