Q.31)-How the interest level of a country is affected by FDI?
  • Increases
  • Decreases
  • Remains unaffected
  • There is increase or decrease
Q.32)-Disinvestements is-
  • Offloading of shares of privates companies to government
  • Offloading of government shares to privates companies
  • Increase in investment
  • Closing down of buisness concerns
Q.33)-Foreign currency which has a tendency of quick migration is called-
  • Scare currency
  • Soft currency
  • Gold currency
  • Hot currency
Q.34)-Devaluation of currency leads to-
  • Expansion of export trade
  • Contraction of import trade
  • Expansion of import substitution
  • All of the above
Q.35)-Under flexible exchange rate system, the exchange rate is determined by-
  • The Central Bank of the country
  • The forces of demand and supply in the foreign exchange market
  • The price of gold
  • The purchasing power of currencies
Q.36)-A currency having a falling exchange rate due to continuing balance of payments deflict is called a-
  • Soft currency
  • Hard currency
  • Scarce currency
  • Surplus currency
Q.37)-Funds which flow into a country to take advantage of favourable rates of interest in that country is called-
  • Cold Money
  • Black Money
  • Hot Money
  • White Money
Q.38)-The purpose of devaluation is to:
  • Be little foreign currencies
  • Encourage export
  • Discourage export
  • Encourage import
Q.39)-Pegging up of a currency means, fixing the value of a currency-
  • At a constant level
  • At a lower level
  • At a higher level
  • Leaving at market forces
Q.40)-A favourable Balance of Trade of a country implies that-
  • Imports are greater than Exports
  • Exports are greater than Imports
  • Both Imports and Exports are equal
  • Rising Imports and Falling Exports