Q.1)-What is the constitutional head of the Indian government?
  • President
  • Prime Minister
  • Chief justice of India
  • Attorney general
Q.2)-Who organizes the election process for the post of President of India?
  • Vice-President of India
  • Election Commission of India
  • Chief justice of India
  • Attorney general of India
Q.3)-The Electoral Collage that elects the President of India consists of-
  • Elected members of all the State Legislatures
  • Members of the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies
  • Elected members of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabhaand State Assemblies
  • Elected members of the Rajya Sabha and State Legislatures
Q.4)-The winning candidate in the Election of President of india should secure-
  • Majority number of votes polled
  • Sixty six percent of votes polled
  • Fifty percent of votes polled
  • More than fifty percent and majority of the total votes polled
Q.5)-Article 60 of the Indian Constitution refers to:
  • Election of the president of india
  • Oath of the president
  • Impeachment of the President
  • Vice President of India
Q.6)-Who administers the oath of office to the President?
  • Chief Justice of India
  • Speaker of Lok Sabha
  • Vice-President
  • Prime Minister
Q.7)-The impeachment process of President of India is adopted from-
  • USA
  • UK
  • USSR
  • France
Q.8)-President of India can be removed from his office by-
  • Prime Minister of India
  • Chief Justice of India
  • Parliament
  • Lok Sabha
Q.9)-What is the age limit to contest of the post of the president of india?
  • 25 years
  • 30 years
  • 35 years
  • 18 years
Q.10)-What is the retirement age of the president?
  • 70 years
  • 75
  • 80
  • No age limit