Q.1)-Therm is the unit of
  • Power
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Distance
Q.2)-Ice is packed in sawdst because
  • Saw dust does not stick to the ice
  • Saw dust will not get melt easily
  • Saw dust is a good conductor of heat
  • Saw dust is a poor conductor of heat
Q.3)-Water is used in hot water bags because
  • It is easily available
  • It is cheap and not harmful
  • Its specific heat is more
  • Water can be heated easily
Q.4)-Which of the following metal has the maximum thermal conductivity?
  • Iron
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Silver
Q.5)-A body absorbs maximum amount of heat when it is
  • Black and rough
  • Black and smooth
  • White and rough
  • White and smooth
Q.6)-Heat of a reaction does not depend upon
  • Temperature of reaction
  • Path by which final product is obtained
  • Physical state of product and reactant
  • Reaction takes place at constant pressure or constant volume
Q.7)-In winter season water coming out of hand pumps is hot because
  • In winter our body temperature remains low, so water makes us feel hot.
  • Inside the earth temperature is more than the atmosphere temperature
  • Due to pumping function is produced which causes heat and makes water hot
  • Water comes out from the earth and gains the heat from surroundings
Q.8)-Which of the following causes more burn?
  • Boiling water
  • Hot water
  • Steam
  • None of these
Q.9)-The direction of flow of heat between any two system depends on
  • Their specific heat
  • Their latent heat
  • Their individual temperature
  • Amount of heat they contain individually
Q.10)-Due to the horizontal motion of air, transfer of heat is known as
  • Advection
  • Convection
  • Conduction
  • Radiation