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government jobs | सरकारी नौकरी | ਸਰਕਾਰੀ ਨੌਕਰੀ

Hello Students, As Everyone knows What to study, when to study & how to study ? But today we learn here How to study more Effectively with following given 5 most important tricks which we can use to learn some scientific ways to improve your learning & memorize skills.

1. Make short study sessions rather than long session

It is scientifically proved that No one can focus at one thing more than 8 minutes. So Break up your daily study time into short sessions. It means if you studied daily 8 hours continuously, then it may get bored so you unable to utilize your full presence of mind. So break your 8 hours into 3 or 4 small study sessions. (It works better than long sessions).

2. Don’t Study while you are Sleepy

Studying books with sleepy-eyed is totally waste of time. If its late night than At that time, give rest to your mind & sleep stress-free because it is scientifically proved that stress decrease our memory power up to 30% & So make habit to study at early morning, charge up your mind with light exercises & then make focus on your study, Early morning time is fresh & best time to learn things more quickly.

3. Don’t Study Similar Subjects one after other

Its better idea to study different subjects one after other rather than choose similar subjects. It means study English after studied Maths/Aptitude (that purely different subjects) is better way to keep data more memorable.

4. Study smartly rather than Hard work

The amount of time you spend on your study doesn’t matter if you your alertness  of mind or attention is not being too good that you pay to your study. So if you really supposed to be crack any competitive exam, then pay more attention or full presence of time while your studying rather than doing study whole day.

5. These steps really works to study more effectively.