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Nobel Prize Winner List 2017

The Nobel Prize is awarded every year to those Individual Persons or Organizations who make their outstanding performance & contribution in following fields :

  1. Literature
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physiology/Medicine
  5. Economic Science
  6. Peace

The Nobel Prize Money : Gold medal + Diploma + Money approx (More than US 1 million ($) dollar)

History of Nobel Prize : The Nobel Prize is established by inventor Alfred Nobel in 1985. The prize first awarded in 1901 except for Peace that was established by Sweden’s Central Bank in 1968.


Nobel Prize 2017 in Chemistry

Winners : (Joinly given to 3 persons)
  • Richard Henderson (Share 1/3)

  • Joechim Frank (1/3)

  • Jacques Dubochet (1/3)

Awarded For :

For Developing “Cryo-Electron Microscopy” for HD sturecture determination of Bio-molecules in sol.

Nobel Prize 2017 in Literature

Award Winners :
  • Kajuo Ishigoru

Awarded For :

Nobel Prize 2017 in Physics

Winners : (Joinly given to 3 persons)
  • Rainer Weiss (Share 1/2)

  • Barry C. Barish (1/4)

  • Kips S. Thorne (1/4)

Awarded For :

For excellent contribution in LIGO Detector and gravitation forces observation.

Nobel Prize 2017 in Medicine/Physiology

Winners : (Joinly given to 3 persons)
  • Jeffrey C. Hall (Share 1/3)

  • Machael Rosbah (1/3)

  • Machael W. Young (1/3)

Awarded For :

For their descoveries of moleculer mechanisms controllinh the circadian rhythm.

Nobel Prize 2017 in Peace

Award Winners :
  • ICAN – Interational Compaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Awarded For :

For its great efforts to acheive a treaty based prohibition of Nuclear weapons.

Nobel Prize 2017 in Economics

To be annouced on 09 Oct 2017

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