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Important Days Quiz (National & International Days)

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Q.37) Every year, 3rd Sunday of June is celebrated as________

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Child Labour Eradication Day
  • World Sight Day

Q.38) Which of the following is wrongly matched?

  • World TB Day – 24th March
  • Mother’s Day – May 2nd Sunday
  • Hindi Divas – 14th Sep
  • Quit India Day – 8th August

Q.39) Anti-terrorism day {death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi} observed on______

  • 21st May
  • 21st March
  • 20th August
  • 19th November

Q.40) Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on which day?

  • 13th April
  • 22nd April
  • 21st February
  • 13th March

Q.41) Common Wealth Day, the annual celebration of the commonwealth of Nations is hheld every year on________

  • 12th March
  • 2nd Sunday of March
  • 2nd Monday of March
  • 1st March

Q.42) National Sports Day, in tribute to the legendary hockey player Major DhyanChand, is celebrated every year on _______

  • 29th August
  • 16th August
  • 12th August
  • 20th August

Q.43) September 29th is observed as_________

  • World Vegetarian Day
  • United Nations Day for South-South Co-operation
  • World Deaf Day
  • World Heart Day

Q.44) The nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty came into force in ______

  • 1967
  • 1970
  • 1971
  • 1974

Q.45) In which year was the Indian Space Research Organisation {ISRO} founded?

  • 15th Aug, 1969
  • 15th Aug, 1979
  • 15th Oct,1969
  • 15th Oct,1979

Q.46) Which date is known as the “Diabetes Day”?

  • 14th Feb
  • 14th May
  • 14th Sep
  • 14th Nov

Q.47) First Indian Arctic Expeditions was launched in the year_____

  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007

Q.48) When is International Day for the Eradication of Pverty, recognised by the UN is observed?

  • 11th August
  • 29th August
  • 17th October
  • 9th December

Q.49) When is World Day of Remembrance for road Traffic Victims, recognised by the UN is observed?

  • 11th December
  • 21st May
  • 3rd Sunday of November
  • 9th August

Q.50) 6th January is celebrated as______

  • World Day for War Orphans
  • United Nations Day for South-South Co-operation
  • World Telecommunication Day
  • International Human Solardity Day

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