Q.1)-Under Article 1 of the Indian constitution, it is declared that "Bharat means India shall be"
  • Union of States
  • Federal States of Unitary features
  • Federal State of Federal features
  • Federal state
Q.2)-In which of the form, composite India has been described in the constitution.
  • A union State
  • Semi-Federal
  • Federation of States and Terrotories
  • Partly Unitary and Partly Federal
Q.3)-In which of the following form, India has been described in the constitution.
  • Confederation
  • Unitary
  • Union of states
  • Federation
Q.4)-Which one of the following is not an element of the State.
  • Population
  • Land
  • Army
  • Government
Q.5)-Which of the following is an essential element of the state
  • Sovereignty
  • Government
  • Territory
  • All these
Q.6)-Which of the following is not an essential element of the state.
  • Population
  • Administration
  • Sovereignty
  • Territory
Q.7)-Which of the following is under the state.
  • Only external sovereignty
  • Only internal sovereignty
  • Internal and external sovereignty
  • Neither external nor internal soverignty
Q.8)-The state operates through
  • Political Party
  • Party President
  • Government
  • President
Q.9)-Who admits a new State to the Union of India.
  • President
  • Supreme Court
  • Prime Minister
  • Parliament
Q.10)-Which of the following has the power to form new states or to change the borders of the states.
  • President
  • Parliament
  • Election Commission
  • None of these