Q.1)-Parliament includes-
  • President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
  • Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
  • Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly
  • Legislative Assembly, Lagislative Council and Lok Sabha
Q.2)-The most important feature of Indian Parliament is-
  • It is the union legislature in India
  • It includes the President
  • It is bicameral
  • Its Upper house never dissolves
Q.3)-Which of the following makes law in India-
  • President and Council of Ministers
  • High Court and Supreme Court
  • President and both house of Parliament
  • Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
Q.4)-The main duty of the legislature is-
  • Central administration
  • Enforcement of law
  • Execution of judicial matters
  • Execution of laws
Q.5)-Parliament and Constitution are not mode of-
  • Legal Justice
  • Political Justice
  • Economic Justice
  • Social Justice
Q.6)-Bicameral Legislature means
  • Primary and Secondary legislature
  • Lower and Upper Chamber
  • Lok Adalts and Courts
  • Elected as well as selected members
Q.7)-Answer the name of two temporary houses of parliamentary structure of India-
  • Rajya Sabha and Legislative Assembly
  • Lok Sabha and Legislative Council
  • Rajya Sabha and Legislative Council
  • Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly
Q.8)-Building of the Parliament of India is called____.
  • Sansad Bhavan
  • Lok Sabha Bhavan
  • Rajya Sabha Bhavan
  • Sarkar Bhavan
Q.9)-Lok Sabha is the _____ House of the Parliament of India.
  • Lower
  • Upper
  • Left
  • Right
Q.10)-What is the name of Upper house of Indian Paliament?
  • Senate
  • Rajya Sabha
  • House of Lords
  • Legislative Assembly