Q.1)-Which area of India was known as Avantika in ancient times
  • Avadh
  • Ruhelkhand
  • Bundelkhand
  • Malwa
Q.2)-The Ajivikas Were
  • Sect contemporary to the Buddha
  • Breakway branch of the Buddhists
  • Sect founded by Charvaka
  • Sect founded by Shankarcharya
Q.3)-Which ruler murdered his father, Bimbisara to ascend the throne
  • Ashoka
  • Ajatshatru
  • Kanishka
  • Simukha
Q.4)-Alexander and the army of Porus camped on the opposite bank of which river
  • Ravi
  • Jhelum
  • Sutlej
  • Chenab
Q.5)-King Kharvela was the greatest ruler of the Chedi Dynasty of
  • Cholamandalam
  • Kalinga
  • Kannauj
  • Purushpur
Q.6)-Name the kingdom which first used elephants in wars
  • Kosala
  • Magadha
  • Champa
  • Avanti
Q.7)-Whose army did Alexander the Greek ruler confront on the banks of the river Jhelum.
  • Chandragupta Maurya
  • Ambi
  • Dhanananda
  • Porus
Q.8)-Name of Republic which was a confederacy to tribes in the 6th century B.c
  • Gandhara
  • Vajji
  • Koushal
  • Avanti
Q.9)-Which one of the following scholar, challenged Invincible Yajnavalkya for debate
  • Ghosha
  • Apala
  • Maitreyi
  • Gargi
Q.10)-Which of the following ruler was responsible for the rise of Magadha
  • Bindusara
  • Ajatshatru
  • Bimbisara
  • Vasudeva