Q.1)-The Expenditure on advertisement and public relation by an enterprise is a part of its-
  • Consumption of fixed capital
  • Final consumption Expenditure
  • Intermediate Consumption
  • Fined Capital
Q.2)-If a country produces consumer goods only and nothing else,then-
  • Standard of living will be highest
  • The country have certain amount of good
  • The country will soon become poor if external trade will not happen
Q.3)-The Income of Indian working abroad is-
  • Domestic Income of India
  • Income earned from abroad
  • Net domestic product of India
  • Groos Domestic product of India
Q.4)-When increase in income the increase in ratio between income & expenditure changes-
  • In same ratio
  • Ratio less than
  • Ratio more than 1
  • None
Q.5)-The census of Indian agriculture is done by-
  • Production Method
  • Income Method
  • Expenditure Method
  • Consumption Method
Q.6)-The First income Committee was established in-
  • 1948
  • 1949
  • 1950
  • 1951
Q.7)-Depreciation is equal to____
  • GNP - NNP
  • NNP - GNP
  • GNP - Personal Income
  • Personal Income - Personal Taxes
Q.8)-Other name of Net National Product at market price-
  • National Income
  • Groos Domestic Production
  • Personal Income
  • Per Capital Income
Q.9)-A rising per Capita Income will indicate a better welfare if it is accompanied by-
  • Unchanged Income distribution overall
  • Changed Income distribution in favour of rich
  • Changed Income distribution in favour of poor
  • Changed Income distribution in favour of Industrial Labour
Q.10)-While estimating National Income which of the following is not taken into account?
  • Service of a teacher
  • Service of a doctor
  • Service of a housewife
  • Service of a maid servant