Q.1)-Article 14 of the Indian Constitution guarantees Indian citizens:
  • Equal protection of laws
  • Equality before laws
  • Equal distribution of economic resources
  • Equality before law and equal protection of the laws
Q.2)-Which of the following Article of Indian Constitution deals with the Right to Equality before Law?
  • Article-13
  • Article-14
  • Article-15
  • Article-17
Q.3)-In which of the following Article,there is provision of"Right to Equality"?
  • Article-14
  • Article-19
  • Article-20
  • Article-21
Q.4)-Which of the following is opposite to the principle of "Rule of Law"?
  • Equality before Law
  • Privileges and Immunity
  • Equal Opportunity
  • None of these
Q.5)-Of the various grounds below, which discrimination by the State is not prohibited in Article-15 of the Constitution?
  • Place of birth
  • Race
  • Language
  • Caste
Q.6)-What Constitutional provision enables the Central Government to provide reservations in jobs and educational institutions for the weaker sections of the society?
  • Article-14
  • Article-16
  • Artcle-46
  • Article-19
Q.7)-Which article of the Indian Constitutional provides for equal opportunities for all citizens in Public employment?
  • Article-22
  • Article-16
  • Article-20
  • Article-25
Q.8)-The following article of the Indian Constitution abolished the practice of untouchability.
  • Article-14
  • Article-18
  • Article-17
  • Article-19
Q.9)-The Articles-17 and 18 of constitution provide-
  • Social Equality
  • Economic Equality
  • Political Equality
  • Religious Equality
Q.10)-Article-19 of the Indian Constitution "Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech,etc" deals with?
  • The Union Government
  • The State Government
  • The directive priniciples of state policy
  • The fundamental rights of the Indian Citizen