Q.1)-The purpose of choke in a fluorescent lamp is
  • To decrease the voltage momentarily
  • To increase the flow of current
  • To decrease the resistance
  • To decrease the flow of current
Q.2)-The cause of magnetism in materials is
  • Electrons at rest
  • Protons at rest
  • All stationary neutrons
  • Circular motion of electrons.
Q.3)-Uniform magnetic field is represented by
  • Closed curves
  • Parallel lines
  • Convergent lines
  • Divergent lines
Q.4)-What is the unit of electrical conductivity?
  • Ohm
  • Ohm-cu
  • Mho
  • Ohm/cu
Q.5)-Who discovered the link between electricity and magnetism?
  • Maxwell
  • Diesel
  • Michael faraday
  • Volta
Q.6)-Tesla is the unit of Magnetic field
  • Induction
  • Moment
  • Area
  • Flow
Q.7)-Resistance of a conductor increases on
  • Increasing length
  • Decreasing area of cross-section
  • Increasing temperature
  • All of these
Q.8)-Which of the following rated electric bulb?
  • Power and current
  • Power and voltage
  • Current and voltage
  • Energy and current
Q.9)-Chemical energy is converted into electric energy
  • Dynamo
  • Electric Fan
  • Battery
  • Atom bomb
Q.10)-Certain substances looses their electrical resistance completely at super low temperature such substances are called
  • Super conductor
  • Semi conductor
  • Dielectric
  • Perfect conductor